Shenandoah Place December 2018 Newsletter


New Market News

Winter in the Shenandoah Valley truly is what you make of it. If you crave quiet time indoors during the colder months, our region’s cozy restaurants, shops, and more have you covered. If, on the other hand, outdoor adventure is more your speed, you can find that here, too! As we prepare for the holidays at Shenandoah Place, we’d like to share with you a few of our recommendations for wintering in and around New Market.

Our historic downtown is just minutes away from our facility. There, duck into the Jon Henry General Store for quality goods and treats, or have breakfast at the famous Southern Kitchen. Looking to venture a bit further? Another lovely and historic downtown is just up the road in Mount Jackson, Virginia. Its main street is always decorated for the holiday season, and features a coffee shop café, boutiques, and even an art gallery.

Shenandoah National Park remains open for hiking, backcountry camping, and sightseeing during the winter. In fact, if you’re hoping to spot animals like deer, turkeys and foxes, it can be one of the best times to visit. Stay up to date on park closures and advisories by visiting Alternatively, you could plan a trip to Massanutten Resort, another favorite for outdoor recreation. Their sprawling facility just down I-81 offers skiing, snow tubing, walking trails, and other fun indoor and outdoor activities. In March, they also hold a Snow Moon Fest with fireworks, a torchlight parade, and more!

No matter where you spend it, we wish you a warm holiday season and start to 2019. Thanks for being part of our Shenandoah Place community!

Christmas Salutations

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in us.
Best wishes for the holidays!

Volunteer Opportunity: Join Us at Shenandoah Place

We are eager to add volunteers to our community. If you have a special skill or talent you could share with our residents, or even if you’d just like to call Bingo, please give Melissa a call. You can reach her at 740-4300.

A warm welcome to our newest resident, Jean Link!

Shenandoah Place 11.29.2018-9.jpg

This month, we’re shining a spotlight on the newest member of our Shenandoah Place community. Jean Link joined us in November after moving from her home in nearby Forestville. We spoke with Jean in her new room, where she sat with a beautiful, crocheted blanket that her daughter-in-law gave her.

Jean grew up in Forestville and never lived far from her childhood home. When she married her first husband – named Gene! – they took up residence at his family’s farm, a mere 3 miles from her own parents’ house. Jean’s life on the farm was busy. Though she didn’t work with the crops or the dairy cows they later acquired, she “did everything” as a housewife.

Jean and Gene had two children within a two-year period. Their daughter, Ramona, was followed by a son, Gerald. When Ramona was 3 years old, Jean’s mother-in-law passed away. In addition to caring for her children and household, Jean took on the responsibility of cooking supper for her husband’s father and brother. Sadly, Jean’s mother had a stroke just a few years later. She also assisted with her care.

Jean worked hard over the years, raising her children and caring for other family members. When she was 47 years old, though, she experienced a tragedy. Gene died suddenly of a heart attack at age 50. His death changed Jean’s life in many ways. Her brother-in-law took over the operation of the family farm. Since her children were grown, she spent several years on her own. But, she says with a smile: “Then, I married a friend.”

Jean had known John Link, who became her second husband, for most of her life. He was 7 years older, but also lived in Forestville and had attended her church. John had never married. He invited Jean to a high school reunion and, as she says, “that was that!” After their marriage, she moved to his home.

John owned a small farm, but his main occupation was the management of a small grocery store in Forestville. He opened it in the 1950’s, and it remains in business today! Jean wasn’t much interested in working at the store, but did pitch in when farm tasks like hay-making required John’s attention. She liked to crochet and sew.

Together, Jean and John enjoyed going to auctions for fun. During their free time and after John’s retirement, they visited the local favorites Green Valley, Old School, and more. John collected Depression glass and tools, while Jean liked to buy baskets, music boxes, and figurines. They even picked up some antique furnishings; Jean recalls bringing home a couple of antique Victrola record players. She had fun with her auction bounty, but laughs now when she says “I bought a lot of junk that now needs to be sold.”

Sadly, John passed away after an aneurysm in 1998. He and Jean were married for 14 happy years. She says that he was “a good man,” and misses him still. But, Jean smiles when she talks about the family she helped create. Both of her children live in the Valley, and she now counts 5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren among her descendants.

Jean continued to live at the farm until her move to Shenandoah Place in November, which she finds “very nice” so far. As she adjusts to her new home, she’s considering whether to bring more items from her house on the farm, which is being rented for now, to her room here. One of Jean’s first weeks at Shenandoah Place was Thanksgiving week. She told us about sharing the holiday meal in the dining room, and how she liked all the Thanksgiving classics – turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

In January, Jean will celebrate her 84th birthday. If you see her around Shenandoah Place, please help welcome her to our community. We’re glad to have her here!

Festive Days at Shenandoah Place

It’s been a season of celebration already at Shenandoah Place. On October 22nd, resident Rosalie Sellers turned 100 years old! She marked the occasion with cake and friends. Next up is our annual Family Christmas Dinner on Sunday, December 9th at 5:30 PM. We’re including some pictures of last year’s wonderful feast, along with one of Rose on her big day. Please enjoy!

Activity Spotlight: Celebrating Chocolate Day with New Century Hospice

Did you know that there is a National Chocolate Day? This year, we celebrated the occasion with help from our friends at New Century Hospice. It was a big hit! With a great resident turnout, we sampled chocolate in several of its different forms. From chocolate milk and chocolate frosted doughnuts to Hershey kisses and candy bars, everyone enjoyed sharing yummy treats. Take a look at these photos of our celebration, but be warned: they may make you hungry!

You may be gone from my sight, but you are never gone from my heart.
In Memory of Longtime Shenandoah Place resident
Dottie Edmonson